Odyssey O-Works Red Putters Launched - Red versions of the popular Odyssey O-Works putter range have been revealed

Odyssey O-Works Red Putters Launched

Odyssey has launched a red range of O-Works putters. Demand for this colour of flat stick has risen sharply since TaylorMade revealed the Spider Tour Red model, which has also become extremely popular on Tour and Odyssey has now created its own range that comprises five head shapes.

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The new O-Works Red Putters were driven by extensive feedback from Odyssey staff players that preferred the clean, simple look the colour creates.


They feature the same Microhinge insert as the original O-Works range, which features lots of small hinges that flex at impact to increase topspin and create a better roll of the ball. This is said to help the ball hold its line better, especially on mishits from the heel and toe.


The O-Works Red range includes some of the most popular headshapes, including the iconic 2-Ball, and the #7. There is also an innovative alternative on the #7 model, featuring a short slant neck hosel. This hosel promotes more toe hang, which is a set-up that is becoming more popular on tour.

Other models included within the range are the R-Line mallet and V-Line Fang.

The O-Works Red putters have an RRP of £179 apart from the 2-ball model, which has an RRP of £199.