New King Cobra Snakebite Wedges Launched

Cobra has launched its new wedges with Snakebite groove technology engineered to maximise spin around the greens.

Cobra has launched its King Cobra Snakebite wedges with new groove technology engineered to maximise spin and precision around the greens.

New King Cobra Snakebite Wedges Launched

Cobra has launched the new King Cobra Snakebite wedge, aimed at helping golfers create more spin and more 'bite' around the green.

The wedges use Cobra's new Snakebite groove technology which utilises a cutting method that replaces the cutting tools more often to tighten groove tolerances, maximise groove volume and create the sharpest grooves possible.

The new Snakebite groove design has increased groove depth by 11% and has sharpened edges by 40% to deliver maximum spin to the ball.

Cobra has also employed a progressive groove system throughout the new Snakebite wedge that utilises progressive groove lengths and progressive groove shapes to optimise spin in each individual loft available.

The 48-54 degree lofts feature a traditional groove length and each groove is narrower and deeper to deliver consistent spin and trajectory on the wedges that are traditionally used with a square or de-lofted face.

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King Cobra Snakebite Wedges

The progressive groove length featured on the Cobra Snakebite Wedges. On the left, the shorter grooves across the face are used in the 48-54 degree wedges. On the right, the full-face grooves are used in the 56-60 degree wedges

Meanwhile, the 56-60 degree lofts have full-face groove length while each groove is wider and shallower to maximise spin on shots played with an open face when the ball is more likely to hit higher and more toward the toe of the clubface.

The new King Cobra Snakebite wedges are available in three grinds: versatile grind; classic grind and widelow grind.

Versatile grind - available in all lofts - is an all-rounder grind ideal for medium to firm course conditions and features toe, heel and trailing edge relief.

Classic grind - available in 52°, 56° and 60° lofts - features a progressive sole width from heel-to-toe with trailing edge relief, ideal for a golfer who has a slightly steeper swing who plays on a variety of turf conditions.

Finally, the Widelow grind - available in 56°, 58° and 60° lofts - is a wide, low bounce sole that is most useful out of bunkers and soft turf conditions and prevents the leading edge from digging in.

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King Cobra Snakebite Wedges

View of the toe and the address of the 56° Cobra King Snakebite Wedge

Also available is the King Cobra Snakebite One Length wedge to compliment Cobra's range of One Length irons. The shaft in the One Length Snakebite wedge is 37.5" to match the One Length iron sets and promotes a repeatable setup and increased swing consistency.

Both new Snakebite wedges comes with a black Lamkin Crossline Smart grips and a KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 shaft.

Both wedges are available to preorder from today (March 16th) with an RRP of £109 and will be available in store and online from Friday, March 26th.

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