The new FootJoy ContourFIT golf shoes have been revealed, offering what FootJoy is calling a 'radical upgrade' to the popular Contour Series


The new FootJoy ContourFIT golf shoes have been revealed, offering what FootJoy is calling a ‘radical upgrade’ to the popular Contour Series.

The Contour Series shoes have always had a focus on comfort and that continues with the new FootJoy ContourFIT golf shoes that have been enhanced through noticeable upgrades that result in a lighter, more flexible and more comfortable shoe.

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One key new feature is the Fine-Tuned Foam 3.0 midsole that is FootJoy’s softest and lightest midsole compound, giving you soft cushioning that doesn’t compromise on lateral support or your stability.

Inside the shoe there’s also a new Contour Plus Last and Extra Thick Fitbed. The former offers a full rounded toe for a roomier fit and an inner sole contoured to more closely match the shape of the foot, while the latter delivers enhanced cushioning with breathable comfort.


FootJoy’s new U-Throat lacing system has also been introduced for a generous fit, with the new achilles heel pad delivering support and comfort. Both then work with the connected comfort tongue to lock your foot into the shoe for a more precise fit.

A new DynaFlex outsole has flex grooves strategically placed to provide maximum flexibility and mobility while walking and during your swing, as you can see below.

A series of low-profile Pulsar cleats by SoftSpikes then offer green-friendly traction, with the shoe capped off with soft, full-grain waterproof leather and performance synthetic upper that come with a one-year-waterproof warranty.


Commenting on the new shoe, Doug Robinson, FootJoy VP of Golf Footwear Worldwide, told GM: “With a very successful category like Contour, the tendency is to implement minor enhancements, but that’s not something we subscribe to. We start looking for ways to enhance absolutely every detail – from the overall design and materials, to every stitch and groove, to the laces and cleats.”

FootJoy ContourFIT Golf Shoes Key Details

The new FootJoy ContourFIT golf shoes will come with a one-year waterproof warranty will cost £120 (laced version) or £130 (BOA version).

Available from the 1st of March 2017, the shoes will come in White+Black, Black+Charcoal+White, White+Brown in the laced models, and White+Black only in the BOA design.