Wilson Staff FG59 irons

Adam Hasell, handicap 3, happily returns after a winter break to give a review of the new Wilson Staff FG59 iron

It's difficult to know where to begin talking about the Wilson Staff FG59 irons. I’ve spent the last year or so using the Wilson Staff Fi5s, which were a good club but as progressives weren’t quite as pretty, soft or manoeuvrable as I desired.

Then came the FG59s, which came into my possession last week for my first golfing venture since November. I’ve played with them three times since and I’m in love. Even in my rusty state I was hitting powerful, booming long irons and controllable mid to short clubs. They’re blades of the finest calibre, with the thinnest top line and most compact head I’ve witnessed and I have been searching for a long time. It's almost like looking down at the 1970s, the 'good old days' as far as blades are concerned. Their great looks are matched by excellent shot making potential and a lovely soft feel. Combined with the Project-X shafts they give a strong swing weight which suits my tempo and makes me feel as though I can really hit down to get a potent ball-turf strike. Their weight also allows you to feel the position at the top making me feel more confident in the transition into the downswing. For me these clubs are perfect.

Such are my feelings for this set of irons I’ve resorted to calling the collective set ‘Amy’, so let me describe her to you. Not only is she gorgeous, she’s also petite and the ideal weight, she’s great fun with bags of personality, and on top of that she’s soft and warming to the touch. I’m sure she’s the one and as such I’m on the hunt for a suitable engagement-ring as I know I need never look at another woman/set of clubs again.

Thank you Wilson!


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