Stewart Golf has taken the covers off its latest creation, the X9 Follow, which uses an all-new Bluetooth powered electronics system to follow you down the fairway.

The innovative feature has been developed over the last few years to take the hassle out of operating an electric trolley. It means that no steering input is needed and that you don’t have to try and adapt your natural walking pace to match the trolley, meaning your overall golf experience will become more relaxing.

To use the ‘follow’ feature, all the golfer needs to do is press a button on the remote control. Once the golfer starts to walk the X9 Follow will stay behind them and keep to their walking pace, even down hills, where an electronic system varies the braking to alter both speed and direction.

Stewart Golf X9 Follow

The X9 follows the remote control which you hold

During ‘follow’ mode, the golfer can stop, play their shot and start walking again, without a single button being pressed.

The X9 Follow retains the sleek chassis found across the X Series, so the only outward indication of change is the badge and the blue LED that replaces the aerial.

​As well as the ‘follow’ mode, the trolley has full remote control functionality that makes operation around the green or in the rough that little bit easier.

The X9 Follow will retail for £1,499 in the UK, and is available in 4 colours: Pearlescent White, Metallic Black, Metallic Silver & British Racing Green.