Meet Austin Kaiser here.

Who Is Xander Schauffele’s Caddie?

Who carries the young American stars bag? Meet Austin Kaiser below.

Who Is Xander Schauffele’s Caddie?

The man currently carrying Xander Schauffele‘s bag is Austin Kaiser. The pair have known each other for the past nine years or so and Kaiser has been on the bag for roughly 5 years now.

They were both part of the same collegiate golf team, the San Diego State Aztecs.

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“We have a perfect balance of professionalism and friendship,” said Kaiser, who lives in Point Loma. “I told him many times, I don’t think I’d work for anyone else. If Xander fired me and Tiger or any of those guys came up to me, I wouldn’t caddie for anybody else. Because I don’t have that emotional attachment.

“It’s like being drafted by your favourite team growing up. You can’t get that with anyone else. I think I have the best job in the world.

“Every veteran I’ve talked to is like, dude, you have something special with this kid,” Kaiser said to the San Diego Union Tribune. “You can just see it in his eyes. He wants it more than most kids his age. A lot of veterans have said he’s more mature at his age than anyone they’ve seen.”

Interestingly, despite growing up in California, Kaiser calls himself a Denver Broncos fan.

“I grew up in Central California, so I was stuck between San Francisco, Oakland and San Diego (NFL teams). So when I was 6, my cousin bought me a John Elway jersey for my birthday. I don’t know why he did. But ever since, I’ve loved Elway,” Kaiser said.

In basketball he is a Los Angeles Lakers fan mainly because of his affinity for Lebron James’ game.

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