We can't wait to get back out on the golf course on 29th March


Why You Shouldn’t Moan About Your Golf Course Post-Lockdown

Golf courses in England are set to open on 29th March, with Wales and Northern Ireland’s courses likely opening around a similar time.

Golfers will get back out on the course with high expectations after three three month period without golf surely helping the condition of courses.

Clubs and greenkeepers have had plenty of notice so courses will likely be looking very good, but if they’re not, please don’t moan.

Throughout the winter we’ve had lots of snow, huge amounts of rain and freezing temperatures, and our courses have been maintained by a greenkeeping team reduced on average by two members due to the pandemic.

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It was the coldest January since 2010 and rainfall was also above average, whilst sunshine was below average for England. Hardly ideal conditions.

It will still only be March/April too, with courses usually looking their best around September time.

Also, remember why you’re out there.

The fresh air, the exercise, catching up with your playing partners – golf is so good for our mental and physical wellbeing so let’s hope we can all enjoy ourselves in a safe environment.

We spoke to British and International Golf Greenkeepers’ Association CEO Jim Croxton, who said that the rest will have done courses good but golfers need to consider that many have been under snow and rain for much of the winter.

“I hope not,” Jim Croxton said on whether golfers will have unrealistic expectations of their courses post-lockdown.

“I think we’ve got to put all of this in context really, so if over the last six weeks in lockdown 3 golf had been allowed, I know plenty of golf courses that would only have been open a handful of days in the last six weeks because, I live up in the North West, it’s really not stopped raining.

“Every family walk we go on is across muddy fields etc.

“Now golf courses are better drained than public footpaths as a rule but a lot of places have been under snow or heavy rain.

“So I think golfers need to consider the weather conditions we’ve had for the last couple of months before they really start thinking about anything else.

“The rest will have therefore definitely done some good, golf courses will be in better condition because they’ve been closed than if they’d have been open and continued to be battered with a lot of golfers.

“But I think that we’ve got to remember that if we do get playing golf again next month it still is only March.

“It’s pre The Masters and golf courses will still be in their winter clothes I would say. ”

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