We get to know Jace Walker, the man who currently carries the bag for Mackenzie Hughes.

Who Is Mackenzie Hughes’ Caddie?

A member of the PGA Tour since 2017, Mackenzie Hughes has had one PGA Tour victory which came in only his fifth Tour start, the RSM Classic.

Since claiming his first victory, the Canadian has become a regular performer on the Tour, and has been a regular fixture of the world’s top-100 players.

But who carries his bag during competition? Let’s take a look below.

Who Is Mackenzie Hughes’ Caddie?

Mackenzie Hughes currently has fellow Canadian Jace Walker on the bag.

It appears Walker is a very good player himself as he has an official PGA Tour profile page. This is because he competed on the Mackenzie Tour briefly.

We believe they started working together in 2020 after Walker spent his rookie season on the PGA Tour working for Adam Svensson. We believe Walker has been working as a caddie since 2013.

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It has been quite the year for Walker whilst working with Hughes, the highlight being caddying at the Masters for the first time.

Speaking to CTV News he said; “It was always a dream to play this tournament because it’s my favorite golf tournament in the world but caddying is as close as I could get and we’re having a good time,”

“I always watched with my family, grandpa and uncles. It’s just one of those tournaments you just kind of fall in love but you know all the holes before you even here. The way they treat us here is second to none”.

As a good player himself he did have aspirations of one day playing the course. Whilst he hasn’t achieved that, he did get to play the famous skim shot on the 16th hole.

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He has built a reputation as a good caddie and part of this is because of the knowledge he has picked up over the years.

“There is no one way to caddy,” Walker said. “You have to caddy for that specific player and bring a certain attitude that she or he likes. Some players don’t like to talk as much; some people do; some like to joke and talk all the time. You are kind of a psychologist/caddy. That’s kind of the lost part of that. It’s what happens between shots that makes the good ones great.”