Where's Your Opening Tee Shot Going Post Lockdown 2.0?

Golfers in England will be back at it tomorrow...

Where's Your Opening Tee Shot Going Post Lockdown 2.0
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Golfers in England will be back at it tomorrow...

Where's Your Opening Tee Shot Going Post Lockdown 2.0?

On Wednesday the four-week circuit breaker will come to an end in England and over 2,000 courses can open their doors again for business.

So, after a mad dash for tee times and poring over local weather forecasts, a lot of us can go back to what we do best – obsessing about where our ball is going to go.

We asked our forum members how they anticipate things going when the tee goes in the ground and there are two distinct camps – the ones who can only see good things happening when the club goes back… and the rest of us.

The optimist

After the previous lockdown I hit a beauty straight down the middle, giving me a 9-iron into the par 5 first. I then fatted my approach into the front bunker. I’ll take that again.


Ripped straight down the middle, 4 iron to 3 foot and hole the putt, just like last time. What could possibly go wrong?


Right side of the fairway, just not very long. We have a lovely, fairly generous 1st tee shot.

Lord Tyrion

I’ll aim down the left for a gentle fade and end up smashing it miles right into the middle of the second fairway. Hit and hope PW over the tree to somewhere on the green, two putts for par. That’s what happened last time anyway!


Should be on the green, it’s just a PW gripped down a little.


RIP one straight down the middle. 7 wood front edge. 2 putts Walk off with a par.

Our 1st is tighter than a ducks proverbial so I'll take the mid iron as per and hit down the middle, short iron on and hope the putter is working.


Poke a 3w straight down the middle, same as usual. Can't see why it will be any different.


240 yds just a gentle fade to make sure I am short of the bunker. 9 iron in. I am deadly now on a mat after lockdown let’s just hope that transfers to the greens. Birdie!!


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The realist

Depends where I play. Pitch and put with the boy will probably mean I'll be plugged short right. With the grown-ups will probably be a thinned or a topped 3 hybrid into a ditch 100 yards from the tee. I've got a new set of irons, a new driver shaft with a JumboMax grip, neither of which I've used yet. And new midsized grips on all my other clubs. So the first round will be an interesting voyage of discovery.


Par 3 of around 220 yards off the whites. I'm going 170 and right and blocked by the trees over there. Magic recovery and the obligatory 3 stab.


Over the dyke hopefully !!!


Most likely, a hook towards the rough and trees down the left side of the fairway. Quite possibly a high power fade into the trees down the right. To be honest, as long as it goes further than the reds, it's a bonus.


Either 30 yards right of the green or a duff. And that's on a good day.


I'm going off yellows, depending on wind should be a 7-iron. Worried about trouble on right so will pull left. Chip and two putts for an opening bogey.


First shot after lockdown it went straight along the ground for about 150 yards. The range wasn’t open to warm up, at least this time round it should be open so it's back to normal. Normal being 40% on the fairway 30% trees left and 30% trees right.


If it’s anything like my first shot after the last lockdown, it will be an air shot. But who cares I'm playing again.


Par 3 170+ yards, so will hit 5-iron which will plug just short right of centre in front of the green


I’ll aim down the left of the fairway to account for my natural fade, which means I’ll pull it straight left into the hedge that marks the edge of the course.


Bushes on the left. Or the sheep field on the right. But not the lovely, short stuff prepared by the greenkeeper!



Probably a low pull, finishing somewhere around our 17th green. Outside chance of a high slice and ending up OOB in the neighbour’s Maserati!


Arrow straight between 190 and 250 carry depending how strong the wind is blowing in my face.


I want to say down the middle, but I’m probably topping it or slicing it to high heaven!


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