Time for a change? Here are five things we believe are old-fashioned in the modern day game of golf...

5 Ways Golf Etiquette Needs To Modernise

Things change over the years and some customs of behaviour that were once adhered to have now, perhaps, become too old fashioned.

Here are five we’d like to see the back of…

1 Slavishly following the honour – Ready golf is undoubtedly the way forward and the first person to the tee should play away when they are ready. Keep it moving.

2 Old-school dress codes – Although golfers should always dress respectfully, prescriptive codes on what to wear should be a thing of the past.

3 Spikeless shoes in the clubhouse – Many clubs still say no golf shoes in the clubhouse, but spikeless shoes do no more damage than the average street shoe.

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4 Drinks all round for a hole-in-one – Surely this should change? You should be rewarded rather than punished for one of golf’s greatest achievements.

5 Standing on the line of a putt – In the days of tungsten-tipped spikes, this was important, but on firm greens with soft spikes after 100 people have already trodden there? Come off it…

Do you agree with these 5 points? Which other ways would you like to see golf etiquette modernise? Let us know on our social media channels

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