Shot Scope's collection of products is designed to help golfers know their games better to shoot lower scores


Want To Know More About Your Golf Game?

Edinburgh-based golf-tech company, Shot Scope, is widely recognised as an industry and thought leader in performance tracking and distance measuring technology.

Spearheaded by the automatic shot tracking and ultra-accurate GPS golf watch, V3, the brand’s collection of products is designed to help golfers know their game.

“It is our belief that the most powerful asset for a golfer is total knowledge about their game,” said Shot Scope CEO, David Hunter.

“Previously, detailed round data and strokes gained information was reserved exclusively for professionals competing on television. However, with our advanced shot tracking capabilities, we are able to deliver that experience to club golfers every time they play.”

want to know more about your golf game?

Utilising tracking screws that are placed into the end of each club, the V3 watch communicates with the tags to identify which club was hit and its location on the course.

With this technology, users gain unlimited access to Tour-quality performance statistics.

Once synchronised, more than 100 different analytics can be reviewed via the Shot Scope V3 mobile app or the online dashboard, on different clubs, tee shots, approaches, short game and putting.

Access to data on this granular level provides golfers with an unprecedented insight into how they perform in different areas of their game.

This then enables them to create targeted practice plans to elevate those weak areas to increase their overall ability.

“On average, Shot Scope users improve their handicap by three shots in their first 25 rounds utilising our performance tracking technology.”

Shot Scope technology has been used by tens of thousands of golfers worldwide, recording more than 50 million shots and creating an enormous bank of data that has helped them to learn the characteristics of the ‘average golfer’.

The strokes gained platform also enables users to compare their personal round data with other golfers to assess their ability in different departments of the game.

want to know more about your golf game

“We, as golfers, understand that golf is much more enjoyable when you play well. Shot Scope is an on-course device which is designed to help you improve and understand your game.”

By fully understanding their game and how they usually navigate a course, a golfer can drastically improve their decision making while also gaining an understanding of what they need to dedicate time to practice.

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