After Golf, This Is The Best Thing Under The Sun

Create the most alluring shade in the world with the best awnings under the sun

After Golf, This Is The Best Thing Under The Sun

Create the most alluring shade in the world with the best awnings under the sun

For all its joys, the great outdoors isn’t always so great – especially when you’re in the hospitality business.

Protecting your customers and clients from the sun’s harsh rays, from the wind and from the rain can be a tough ask even in the calmest climates, and doing so without sacrificing style can be even more of a challenge.

That’s why Markilux awnings are the choice of hospitality businesses and discerning homeowners worldwide.

Designed in Germany using the best quality materials, innovative technologies and smart thinking, Markilux awnings provide perfect shade for both private and professional premises. Whether you’re running the nineteenth hole, a large hotel or an entire golfing resort, Marilux is the perfect partner for your outdoor spaces.

Out is the new in

Even before COVID hoteliers, restaurateurs and bar owners were realising the benefits of creating alluring outdoor spaces to delight customers and boost their bottom line.

Outdoor spaces can become high turnover, al-fresco dining areas, shaded play areas for children or places for live performances – and they’re not just useful for the hospitality sector. They can be a place for employees to relax and reflex, or for medical centres and residential facilities to actively improve the quality of life for their guests, customers and visitors.

These benefits are available all year round every year, but of course outdoor areas have also offered unique benefits to businesses in the last 18 months.

For many firms, their outdoor spaces have been a lifeline, enabling them to continue to serve their customers, run events and delight diners when restrictions have closed indoor hospitality.


Your business in expert hands

Whether you’re running retail premises or a resort, a dining kitchens or kindergartens, Markilux has helped businesses just like yours.

They specialise in supplying solar and wet weather protection for hotels, restaurants and the retail trade from small outdoor spaces to the very largest outdoor areas.

They have extensive experience in planning large awnings for commercial use where there may be complex planning requirements. 

Therefore the product range includes patio-, pergola- and free-standing awnings that can be configured for seasonal or year-round use.

No matter how big or small your business, Markilux can help you find the best way to maximise your outdoor space.    


Make memories with friends and family

Markilux awnings aren’t just for big businesses. They’re great for homeowners too.

A Markilux awning can transform the outdoor spaces around your home, providing extra space for entertaining, for working or for spending time with the family while keeping everyone safe from the sun.

In addition to protecting you from the elements they also provide a wonderful ambience later in the day and into the evening, enabling you to live life outdoors long after the sun goes down.

There is a huge range of awnings for every kind of property and every kind of lifestyle including compact, retractable awnings, pergolas and patio covers.

With superb solar protection, innovative design and a truly enormous range of possible combinations, Markilux makes the world’s best and most stylish awnings for any outdoor application.

Click here to discover how Markilux can help you create the perfect outdoor space for your home or your business.

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