Golf Monthly Senior Content Editor Tom Clarke is an 18-handicapper who needs help!


24 Hours To Save Your Game 

Golf Monthly Senior Content Editor Tom Clarke is an 18 handicapper who needs some help with his game.

With a vicious hook and no idea how to cure it, Tom was invited to a very special day at Wentworth thanks to TaylorMade.

He was to have a lesson, driver fitting, fitness session and then some incredible on-course strategy advice from former Ryder Cup Captain Paul McGinley.

The four videos below detail Tom’s journey and offer some interesting insights into the different areas of the game that combine to create an overall performance.

The question is can all this work help Tom resurrect his game in just a single day?

24 Hours To Save Your Game: LESSON

“I was very lucky to have a fantastic lesson with Tom Godwin – the Golf Academy Manager at Wentworth.

“He knew before we got there that my game was rather in the ditch and I was suffering with a horrendous hook.

“I was surprised to discover that for me, the fix was to start trying to swing more towards the left of the target through impact.

“That was a revelation and my ball flight changed quickly during the session.

“With the different drills we used and his simple explanations, Tom changed my entire thought process around my golf swing.”

24 Hours To Save Your Game: FITTING

“I have never had a club fitting before, so to have one led by Tom at the Wentworth Academy was a real treat – especially for the fantastic TaylorMade SIM Driver.

“Again I was surprised by what I ended up being fitted for, not only the driver being set into neutral, but also the standard SIM head, not the SIM Max.

“The insight and range of product I was able to try out was simply fantastic.”

24 Hours To Save Your Game: FITNESS

“Of all the sessions that I took part in on the day this was the one I was most worried about, not being a gym member and having stopped almost all exercise during lockdown I wondered if I would survive!

“Thankfully Kate Davey from Precision Golf got me doing some really fantastic stretches and exercises. Also making sure that there were ways of simplifying all of the different reps.

“I found it really interesting and have taken some of her simple advice forward, check it out you will find something that you can use – even if it is just standing on one leg while brushing your teeth!”

24 Hours To Save Your Game: PRO STRATEGY

“What an utter privilege to play three holes of the Wentworth West Course with the legend that is Paul McGinley.

“He was very generous with his advice, and there were some really brilliant nuggets that I have been able to take forward.

“Especially his advice on trying to hit a fade out of rough – and when putting not to concentrate on a single point, but to think of a gate or goal and to get the ball through that.

“What a day – I will never forget it.”


“I am happy to say that I have been getting some positive results following the day. I have visited the driving range for first time in several years, and have some proper swing thoughts that I can now use.

I managed to record over 30 Stableford points for the first time in ages recently, and feel there is much more consistency on the way – I recommend anyone to watch the videos above and get inspired – it might just sort your own game out!