Top 5 Funniest Golf Adverts

Take a look, don't worry John Lewis aren't in there

Darth Vadar

Some think golf is stale, boring and dry. But they are wrong! It has some of the funniest TV adverts made. Take at look at Top 5 Funniest Golf Adverts. By Kylie Winkler

Top 5 Funniest Golf Adverts

Humor isn’t a word that immediately comes to mind when you think of golf. With some of the sport’s stereotypes including stale, boring, and dry, it’s surprising to find that some of the funniest adverts made actually revolve around it. Take a look at Golf Monthly’s top 5 favorites in the most recent years.


  1. Nike- Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods

Practice shots turn into a heated competition for McIlroy and Woods. The two professionals one-up each other every swing and do whatever it takes (including the impossible) for a hole-in-one.


  1. FedEx Cup

A typical day at the office soon offers a glimpse of hope to all employees after their boss calls out sick. Who wouldn’t want to go play a round of golf instead of sitting at a desk for eight hours?



This advert will have you doubled over--literally. One golfer learns the hard way that sometimes you just have to chip out.


  1. FedEx: Check In

Three businessmen are left in a panic after their boss’ clubs are nowhere in sight. Little did they know, he did some planning ahead.


  1. Spike TV- Darth Vader Golf

The infamous Star Wars villain uses the force to improve his game. Others aren’t thrilled about it, but quickly learn a golf club just won’t hold up against a light saber.




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