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Can you name all of the 29 USA Ryder Cup captains?

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Can you name all of the 29 USA Ryder Cup captains?

The first of the USA Ryder Cup Captains was in 1927. The  Ryder Cup began that year after two unofficial matches had been played in 1921 and 1926. The first match, held at Worcester Country Club in Massachusetts, resulted in victory for the home side by 9 1⁄2–2 1⁄2 points. Both the captains played in the first Ryder Cup match, which was a 36-hole foursomes match won by the USA 2&1. The USA captain also won his 36-holes singles match on the second day, 2&1. The 50-year old British captain lost his singles match 7&5.

It was common for captains to play in the Ryder Cup during the early years. Up until 1959 the format remained as 36-hole foursomes matches on the first day and 36-hole singles matches on the second. But in 1961 this was changed, with two sets of 18-hole matches on each day instead, and the format was further changed for 1963 when a third day was added to allow for a day of fourballs.

The change from one set of matches a day to two made it harder for captains to play, organise and select, and 1963 was the last time an American Ryder Cup captain also played. Previously the American captain had almost always played – only the 1937 and 1949 American teams had had a non-playing captain.

There have been 29 different men who have captained the USA team over the 43 contests. Can you name all of these USA Ryder Cup captains? You have eight minutes to do so. You need only enter the player’s surname to answer.

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