Here we take a look at who coaches the talented South American professional.

Who Is Joaquin Niemann’s Coach?

Below we take a look at who currently coaches the winner of the 2019 Military Tribute at the Greenbrier, Joaquin Niemann.

Who Is Joaquin Niemann’s Coach?

Joaquin Niemann is currently coached by a man called Eduardo Miquel who is the Coach-Director at the EM Academy. Miquel has also coached Benjamin Alvarado (PGA Tour,) Paz Echevarria (LPGA) and Nicolás Geyger (European Tour) too.

He has presented to the R&A on the development of golf academies and high performance players, both professional and amateurs. He also has a lot of respect in the game too as shown by the fact he is one of three coaches from South America recognised on the 2020 List of Best International Golf Coaches by Golf Digest.

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We are unsure when the pair exactly started working together but Niemann acknowledges that the pairing has been extremely beneficial to him.

Speaking in an interview with Golf Digest he said; “I started working with my coach, Eduardo Miquel, and he helped me. He’s taught me to care about me, what I do, and to trust it. When I have a tough shot on a Sunday to get a good finish, I try to forget that I’m at the tournament, pretend I’m at the range and hit it with a normal swing. Now, I don’t care who follows me or who’s watching.”

From research it appears Miquel was quite the player himself after taking up the game at the age of 10. He turned professional in 2011 after having competed at a number of high levels in South American golf.

Eventually he decided to become a golf coach because, he acknowledged in a World of Golf interview; “As a player I was always a perfectionist and I was very angry on the course. I had experience and technical knowledge and I always liked the idea of guiding the young players, helping them to be better.”

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In the same interview he talked about some of his coaching philosophies which took the form of hard work and yet still enjoying the game.

Miquel said; “I try to get the most out of each player. They are all very different and you have to work with them individually. I focus a lot on my players understanding the different trajectories. They understand what happens when the ball does not go in line or in a certain way. My philosophy of life is: to work as hard as possible while still enjoying it. For my students: find a good balance on and off the court. The most important thing is to enjoy the eternal tuning of swing and life.”

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In terms of other coaches he is currently working with, he appears to be working with Stephen Sweeney who is a certified putting instructor, as well as Andrew Cummings who is his fitness coach. Cummings is attached to the Joey D Golf Training Center in Jupiter, Florida.

Additionally, earlier on it appeared Niemann would attend the University of South Florida to play golf as he was recruited by coach Steve Bradley who said of Niemann;

“He has no glaring weaknesses. He does everything well and he does some things really well. He doesn’t lack confidence. There’s not a shot out there that he can’t hit or he’s not comfortable hitting.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in a situation where the moment is too big for him.”

However Niemann ultimately did not attend the school as he failed an English exam. To Niemann this was a blessing in disguise as he said he just wanted to play golf and turn pro.

Aside from the people mentioned above, we are unsure who else has coached the young star.

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