Numbers from our data partner Arccos shows some fascinating insight into how far different handicaps and ages hit their drives...


How Far Do Male Golfers Hit Their Drives?

Driving distance is a big talking point in the professional game and also a big talking point at club level too, often the focus of debates and jokes in and around the clubhouse.

So, how how do male golfers hit their drives?

Thanks to Arccos, Golf Monthly’s official data partner, we know exactly how far male golfers average off the tee depending on their age and handicap.

The ranges are very wide, as you’d expect, with 25-year-old scratch players averaging 271 yards and 65-year-old 30 handicappers averaging 180.

Check out the fascinating data in this video and below…

How Far Do Male Golfers Hit Their Drives? – Scratch handicap

As mentioned above, 25-year-old scratch players average 271 yards with their drives and the technique needed to be a scratch player clearly helps with distance.

Scratch players are likely finding the middle of the driver face every time and have a high level of skill to hit the ball a long way.

Evidence of that is shown in the Arccos data where a 65-year-old scratch player averages 238 yards, which is five yards more than a 25-year-old 15 handicapper.

Despite being 40 years younger, the 25-year-old 30 handicapper doesn’t quite have the technique to outdrive the 65-year-old scratch player.

A 25-year-old scratch player drives it, on average, 38 yards longer than a 15 handicapper of the same age, once again showing that skill and technique equals distance.

25: 271 yards

35: 267 yards

45: 260 yards

55: 251 yards

65: 238 yards

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How Far Do Male Golfers Hit Their Drives? – 15 handicap

The average 25-year-old 15 handicapper drives it 233 yards, with that number reducing slightly for every 10 years of age.

The difference between a 25-year-old and a 65-year-old is 31 yards, whereas for a scratch player that difference is slightly larger at 33 yards. That number decreases even further to 28 yards for a 30 handicapper.

The 25-year-old 15 handicapper hits it between 25-22 yards longer than a 30 handicapper, whereas the difference from scratch to 15 is a longer 48-36 yards depending on age.

25: 233 yards

35: 230 yards

45: 224 yards

55: 215 yards

65: 202 yards

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How Far Do Male Golfers Hit Their Drives? – 30 handicap

The average 25-year-old 30 handicapper hits their drives 208 yards, which is 63 yards shorter than a scratch player and 25 yards shorter than a 15 handicapper.

On average, the 30 handicapper is 25-22 yards shorter off the tee than a 15 handicapper and a whopping 58-63 yards behind a scratch golfer.

25: 208 yards

35: 206 yards

45: 201 yards

55: 192 yards

65: 180 yards

*Note: All distance numbers are total distance, not carry