Get to know Angie Watson, the wife of PGA Tour player Bubba Watson.

Who Is Bubba Watson’s Wife?

Bubba Watson regularly has his wife Angie supporting him on the PGA Tour, but who exactly is she? We take a look below.

Who Is Bubba Watson’s Wife?

The pair met when Bubba was at the University of Georgia playing in a pickup basketball game. Angie, who had just graduated, was watching that game.

After someone crashed into Angie on the sidelines, Bubba went over and the two struck up a conversation. It was from that point they began dating and would eventually marry in 2004.

Angie played basketball at the University of Georgia where she got the team to the Final Four in 1999. She would then go and play in the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) with the Charlotte Sting for a season. She also played abroad in Italy and France. Unfortunately, leg injuries brought an end to her career.

She retired and began managing the business side of Bubba’s career instead.

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Watson, pictured here with Rory McIlroy, is six foot four inches tall (Getty Images)

Additionally, Bubba has admitted that on more than one occasion that she has stopped him from quitting golf. Back in 2017 he was struggling a lot; “but Angie basically told me to stop whining and man up. She’s a lot tougher than I am. I get a paper cut and I’m out for a week or so. But she wasn’t going to let me sit around looking for pity.”

The pair have two adopted children, Caleb and Dakota in which they have semi-open relationships with their birth mothers.

Angie said; “After Dakota came along I actually said I want to get Caleb’s birth mom a cell phone to let her know how great we’re doing and how much we appreciate her and love her and what she did for us. It’s made our relationship a lot more open and I think it’s helped everybody heal a lot more that they made the right decision for these babies.”

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