Bill Shelley scored a hole-in-one at Dale Hill Golf Club during his first round back to golf following a heart attack in June. It was his 10th ace.


Bill Shelley, 85, Scores 10th Hole-In-One Two Months After Heart Attack

Playing in a Texas Scramble over the Ian Woosnam course at Dale Hill Golf Club in East Sussex on Tuesday 3rd August, 85-year-old Bill Shelley aced the par-3 5th hole to record his 10th ever hole-in-one.

To rack up 10 aces through a golfing career is an impressive feat, but scoring that 10th hole-in-one just two months after suffering a heart attack adds extra significance to Bill’s achievement.

“The doctor said I was alright, and I thought I’d go for it as it was a Texas Scramble, meaning I wouldn’t necessarily have to play every shot,” says Bill. “So I thought that would ease me into it… And it eased me into it very nicely, thank you very much!”

Bill used a “little rescue club” on the 145-yard 5th hole on the Woosnam course.

He and playing partners Chris Edwards, Bernie Hopper and Clive Roberts looked on as the ball rolled across the tricky green towards the flag.

“We couldn’t quite see if it had gone in, but it had lodged against the pin,” Bill says. “When we got there, we could see it was in so that was pretty exciting.”

With the wonders of modern technology, Bill’s playing partner was able to record the moment with a video on his mobile phone.

An added bonus to the hole-in-one; Bill’s team placed 3rd in the Texas Scramble.

Although he’s still taking it easy following the heart attack, Bill was able to enjoy a little celebration in the clubhouse afterwards.

“We have what we call tams at Dale Hill and for the Tuesday competition, and we all put £3 in at the beginning of the season,” Bill says. “If you have a hole-in-one then your bar bill is paid by the tams committee. So there was £200 in the kitty and everybody enjoyed a drink!”

Currently an 18 handicapper, Bill has been as low as seven and has played golf for most of his life.

“I’m a bit of a golf nut,” he says. “If you look at my Facebook page, there’s a picture of me practising my putting in a foot of snow!”

Bill keeps practising, no matter the weather

For over 40 years, Bill ran his own garden machinery business – Robertsbridge Garden Machine Centre, taken over by his son Bob in 2008.

But he clearly always found time for golf… The 10 aces would certainly suggest it!

Recorded at various courses, one previous hole-in-one deserves mention here.

“In June 1992 I had a hole-in-one and became a member of the Golf Monthly hole-in-one club.” He says. “I still have the certificate!”

At 85, Bill is still enjoying his golf, but he admits it’s not as easy as it once was.

“Old age does catch up with you I’m afraid,” he says. “Those par 4s just keep getting longer!”

It comes to us all. But as long as Bill keeps on holing out from 145 yards, he won’t go too far wrong.