One of Sweden's most successful golfers ever, we take a look at who coaches Alex Noren.

Who Is Alex Noren’s Coach?

Alex Noren is one of Sweden’s greatest ever golfers thanks to several wins on the European Tour and being part of the 2018 Ryder Cup winning European team. But who exactly coaches him? We take a look below.

Who Is Alex Noren’s Coach?

One of the reasons for Noren’s success has been coach Matt Belsham.

Belsham has coached Noren for nearly five years and has essentially been the catalyst for the Swede’s change of form.

Having had wrist surgery and then suffering from a rib injury straight after, Noren had to rebuild his whole swing, but thanks to Belsham, the Swede was able to recover and would start a dominant 2016.

Belsham has worked with loren for nearly five years (Getty Images)

Speaking about his coach, Noren said: “I can ask him: ‘How does Rory hit this shot?’, and he can tell me. That’s the biggest thing, if I speak/bring a player up he knows a lot about what they do.”

This teaching method has clearly suited Noren very well.

Although Belsham is the mastermind behind the revival of Noren, he still gives the Swede plenty of credit.

Matt Wallace, another Belsham client says that the coach always talks about the Swede’s work ethic and that he always says to Wallace; “There isn’t a harder worker than Alex. No matter how well he’s done, or will do, he is determined to improve.”

Wallace has also talked about how tough it is to work with Belsham in relation to hard work. Back in 2015 the English golfer said;

“He’s a very technical swing coach, and that’s what I needed.”

On one occasion Wallace hit balls at the range, Belsham laughed and simply said he must be good at chipping and putting. Wallace said after; “That kind of stuck with me,” Wallace said. “I’ve never had a coach say something like that to me. It was quite cool. We got right to working on my game.”

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