Golf Blog: Q School, gone but not forgotten

Nicholas Gamble talks in this golf blog about the replacement for Q School on the PGA Tour

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Golf Blog: Q School, gone but not forgotten

For everyone, like me, who has read John Feinstein's brilliant Tales from Q School they will know that the unofficial title of Q School as Golf's fifth major is well deserved.

The unbelievable tension and drama Q School possessed is one that no other tournament in the world could match.

It was men playing for their livelihoods and sometimes it came down to just three feet of green.

Those fellow readers will also probably wonder why, given the test that Q School offered, it is no more.

It's replacement, the Finals had its first outing recently, a chance to win over those romantic minds who loved the idea of a complete unknown, paying thousands of dollars and grinding his way to the tee with the big boys.

Did the Finals manage to be a suitable replacement for Q School? I think the answer is a begrudging yes.

Whilst Q school epitomised the heartbreak and bliss that is at the very heart of this game, with the finals the PGA tour's future seems to be in safe hands. As a platform to develop young talent and promote it to the highest level of competition, the finals are certainly superior.

Instead of six rounds in a single location the sixteen rounds over four locations is much more likely to consistently bring the cream to the top.

It's also a fairer system for the better players.

Instead of a situation where one bad round could cost you your card and you could be beaten by a flash of brilliance from an average pro, this four week series allows for the real professionals to shine through.

And, although the qualifying system itself does still have some issues to iron out, I think that as it matures it will get better and better.

So, whilst my heart says Q School, my head says Finals and it seems the same is true of the PGA. Still RIP Q School.

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