10 Non-Golfing Essential Items To Have In Your Golf Bag...You Might Be Surprised!

Katie Dawkins delves into the many pockets of her golf bag and reveals all the non-golfing items she deems essential

Non-golf essential items women
(Image credit: Katie Dawkins)

It’s just as well these days that golf bags have so many pockets. Hiding places for everything under the sun. The biggest problem is remembering which pocket you put what in. When it comes to a round of golf it isn’t just balls and tees that hide behind the zippers. Here are my 10 non-golfing essential items that I just wouldn’t be without.


Top of the list is a sunscreen with a high SPF50. Golfers are two and a half times more likely to be diagnosed with skin cancer. Protecting our skin should be our number one priority out there even on overcast days. 

Non-golf essential items women

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A thick slick of cream on your hands won’t help you send a drive straight and true. A wonder product hitting the shelves of pro shops nationwide this year is Solex. Showcased at the PGA show in Orlando this year, this sports specific sunscreen comes in an easy to use applicator, meaning it can be applied evenly from the bottle with no drifting spray or uneven splodging. The bottle can hang from the golf bag, which reminds you to reapply, something golfers are guilty of not doing during a round in fear of losing their clubs. We also like sunscreen from Neutrogena and Alba Botanica too, two models that made our guide on the best sunscreen for golf. 

Tupperware With Wipes

This tiny Tupperware became a staple in my handbag when my kids were babies. The habit hasn’t gone away and in fact it’s transferred to my golf bag. One of my pet hates is baby wipes, the disposable culture that was about when my daughter was tiny made me make this handy wet wipe pot. 

Bamboo mini flannels (actually reusable baby wipes) soaked in warm water with a pump of body lotion and essential oils such as lavender and tea tree. Perfect to wipe hands clean. Using essential oils like lavender and citronella will also mean a quick wipe will keep the biting bugs at bay.

Non-golf essential items women

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I don’t go anywhere without Ibuprofen. Years of a dodgy back playing as an amateur meant this was a staple feature in my kit. Back in the day I’d say plasters were as important, but I find thanks to the comfort of today's best women's golf shoes straight from the box these days, I haven’t needed a plaster on the course for sore heels for years.

Moisturising Eye Spray

Random you may think, but as someone who suffers with dry eyes that will often stream on the golf course, this bottle of magic saves me. I’d also thoroughly recommend this to any hayfever sufferer also. A quick spritz and I can focus again. If you suffer from weeping eyes in the wind, I’ve been told that wearing contacts is beneficial. If this proves to work they’ll be going in my bag too.

Theragun Mini

This bit of kit is like having a sports masseuse in your bag. For anyone that suffers from an achy lower back, getting this into your glutes and IT bands will rejuvenate your body mid-round. Just remember to charge it, although I find the charge does last for ages.

Non-golf essential items women

(Image credit: Katie Dawkins)

Skin Barrier Cream

I love a really good all-round moisturiser that I can use on cuticles, nails and lips. The wind is really aggressive while you’re out on the links and this can chap lips and age skin. A thin layer of cream around the cheeks can act as a barrier against harsh conditions.

Non-golf essential items women

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Breath Of Life

Aromatherapy Inhalation Essence. Yes, I do carry this potion. So often my focus goes on the course, especially with my ADHD. If ever I want an immediate head clear then this gem is my perfect playing partner. Pop this bottle in your golf bag and take a sniff when you’re feeling overwhelmed, lacking oomph or if you generally need to clear your mind. Soothing yet awakening eucalyptus jumps out as you unscrew the lid. I adore this.

Non-golf essential items women

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Energy Food

Some high protein low sugar snacks that can be spread out between holes are an essential item in my bag. I love St Andrews Bakery Salted Caramel Balls. They keep me going without having a full-on meal out there. Nuts and fruit also works a treat or my homemade granola bars.

Stored Energy

A charger bank for my phone is a fairly essential piece of kit in my bag. I’m forever taking video and photos, especially during playing lessons. Running out of juice is not an option.

Hydrate Sustainably

I always have an empty metal double-walled water bottle that can be filled at the club with water from stations or with coffee on arrival. I have a few I rotate and it means there is always one fresh out of the dishwasher that is clean and ready to be used. 

The amount of single use plastic I’ve seen at golf clubs over the last few decades is insane. We should all be making an effort to reduce wastage and keep ourselves hydrated. These bottles keep drinks hot and cold for hours so you’ve always got a way to warm yourself up or cool yourself down. A cold tumbler of Sauvignon Blanc also goes down a treat if you’re out on a social round!

Non-golf essential items women

(Image credit: Katie Dawkins)

Ultimately, if you delve into any experienced female golfer's bag, you’ll unearth enough goodies and essentials to keep you alive if stranded or keep the party going if required. Being prepared and thinking ahead is something we do well. Some of the above mentioned items can definitely improve your game and golfing experience. Get it all sorted the night before a game and you won’t have any last minute panics which can lead to rushing like hell.

Katie Dawkins
Advanced PGA Professional and freelance contributor

Katie is an Advanced PGA professional with over 20 years of coaching experience. She helps golfers of every age and ability to be the best versions of themselves. In January 2022 she was named as one of Golf Monthly's Top 50 Coaches.

Katie coaches the individual and uses her vast experience in technique, psychology and golf fitness to fix problems in a logical manner that is effective - she makes golf simple. Katie is now based on the edge of the New Forest. An experienced club coach, she developed GardenGOLF during lockdown and as well as coaching at Hamptworth Golf Club she freelances, operating via pop-up clinics and travelling to clients homes to help them use their space to improve. 

She has coached tour pros on both LET tour and the Challenge Tour as well as introduced many a beginner to the game. 

Katie has been writing instructional content for magazines for 20 years. Her creative approach to writing is fuelled by her sideline as an artist.