What Is Tiger Woods Wearing?

Check out the apparel that 15-time Major champion, Tiger Woods, is wearing

Woods waves to crowd
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At the 2022 Masters, Tiger Woods made his competitive return to golf, some 14 months after a serious car crash that left the possibility of a right leg amputation very likely. However, in typical Tiger fashion, the 15-time Major winner made a miraculous comeback, with Tiger appearing and competing at Augusta National.

Throughout his career, there perhaps hasn't been an athlete more associated with a clothing brand than Tiger and Nike, with the company sponsoring the 82-time PGA Tour winner since he turned professional in 1996. The deal at the time was an estimated $40 million.

In this piece, we take a look at what Tiger will be wearing whilst in competition play.

What Is Tiger Woods Wearing?

Nike Dri-FIT ADV Tiger Woods

Woods waves

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During the first day at Augusta National, Tiger was donning the Nike Dri-FIT ADV Tiger Woods Polo, which the 15-time Major winner actually helped to create. This ensured that the apparel performed at the highest levels of play. The abstract Tiger stripe print is also in homage to the man himself.

Nike Flex Slim Core Golf Trousers

Nike trousers

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The Flex Slim Core Trousers from Nike are lightweight and offer exceptional comfort and freedom of movement during play, a big plus to cope with the undulating layout of Augusta National.

Nike Dri-FIT ADV Tiger Woods

Tiger smiles

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The iconic 'Sunday Red' polo has been synonymous since Tiger burst on to the scene many years ago. The polo features small details which show the influence of Tiger, with the TW logo and the phrase, "Engineered to the exact specifications of Tiger Woods", featured on the inside of the back hem.

Nike Dry Vapor Slim Golf Trousers

Nike trousers

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The Nike Dry Vapor Slim Golf Trousers are a great favourite of Tiger's, with the lightweight stretch feel from the polyester and spandex mix giving great comfort and freedom of movement. 

FootJoy Premiere Series Packard

FootJoy Shoes

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Arguably the most stylish golf shoes on the market, Tiger has recently been spotted wearing the FootJoy Premiere Series Packard. When the 15-time Major winner was pictured wearing them at Augusta National, many wondered why he had switched.

It's probably due to the Ortholite EcoPlush FitBed, that provides cushioning for Tiger's feet, something that is crucial for Tiger as he continues his recovery.

Nike Golf TW Legacy91 Cap

Woods' cap

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The iconic TW logo features on the Nike Golf TW Legacy91 Cap, with a lightweight and breathable 6-panel design stretch for a comfortable, personalised fit that keeps Tiger comfortable out on the course.

Nike Dura Feel X Golf Glove

Tiger points

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The glove of choice for Tiger is the Dura Feel X Golf Glove which features premium synthetic leather glove that provides both excellent fit and grip.

There is also the addition of stretch fabric on the back of the hand for enhanced movement, allowing for Tiger's hand to stretch and not be limited when practicing or playing.

Bridgestone Tour B XS

tiger woods teeing up

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Tiger uses a Bridgestone Tour B XS prototype golf ball after signing with the company in December 2016. Whilst we haven't been able to test out his prototype, we have reviewed the retail version of the ball and it performed well. It’s fast off the face and low spinning in the long game so you get excellent distance and accuracy with a fast swing. It’s soft, spinny and consistent in the short game and feels controlled with the putter.