5 Reasons Why You Should Start Practicing With Headphones

Often get distracted while hitting balls on the range? Perhaps wearing headphones could provide the added focus you require

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Practicing With Headphones
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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Practicing With Headphones

The driving range is the obvious choice for golfers looking to improve their long game but for many, the process of hitting hundreds of balls isn't especially fun and it can be all too easy to lose concentration on what you’re trying to achieve during your practice sessions. From the constant thudding sound of range balls being hit to fellow golfers chatting and a plethora of targets to choose from, there are plenty of things going on that can distract you from working on your technique or successfully executing a particular shot. One way to enhance your focus, and even your golf swing, is to wear a good pair of sports headphones in order to get more out of your sessions on the range.

Listening to music or maybe a podcast while you warm-up or practice can help you keep your mind set on what you’re doing and make the time spent rehearsing your swing more enjoyable. There is a fantastic range of sports headphones available on the market right now, with our best headphones for golf guide detailing some of our personal favorites, and we have included some models below which have outstanding discounts on Amazon Prime Day as well.

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1. Added Motivation and Longevity

Similar to putting on a booming soundtrack to get you pumped up to go to the gym, plugging your headphones in and psyching yourself up with a track you enjoy listening to can also get you fired up for a long session at the driving range. Depending on what you’re looking to achieve on the range, putting on a fast-paced playlist can seriously help you stay motivated and train for longer, even when hitting ball after ball can become quite monotonous at times.

That can be particularly useful when warming up for a competitive round. Golfers who get nervous before teeing off at a competition should consider listening to some of their favourite tracks to take their mind off the first tee shot while grooving their swing for the day. For that reason, make sure you use a good pair of earphones that are comfortable, easy to set up and have an excellent sound quality that will put ease your anxiety before the round begins.

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Golfer practicing with headphones

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2. Increased Power

On that note, listening to a fast-paced playlist can be another great way to help you hit longer drives. If you’re an experienced golfer with good technique and want to increase your clubhead speed, then having some electronic music on in the background will certainly go some way in helping you strike the ball with more venom. If you’re keen to hear how you can add more yards to your game, here are another 10 ways to add more distance to your long game without going anywhere near a gym.

One thing we should note here is that while having fast-paced music playing through your headphones can be a good thing, it’s worth noting that you don’t want to plough straight into your range session and swat away all your golf balls as fast as possible. Even though your music can pump you up, remember to take your time over each shot, as you’ll start to get fatigued and hit less controlled shots. If you’re working on power, use a pair of headphones that will stay firmly in place while your swing at full tilt, like the Jabra Pulse earbuds.

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3. Enhanced Focus

Golf is perhaps one of the most complicated sports to play. It is a game of fine margins, with the slightest body movement or change in your swing altering how the ball reacts off your club face. That means you need to focus on what you’re doing from as soon as you address the ball to when you’ve completed your followthrough. That’s obviously easier said than done, particularly if you’re planning on hitting lots of balls on the range or on the practice greens. Boredom can creep in quickly and you can find yourself mishitting shots or rushing your game.

But training yourself to eliminate all those distractions is a part of what makes a great golfer and using a pair of earphones to listen to a playlist or podcast while you train is a good way to do that. Grab yourself a pair of noise-canceling headphones, stick on a podcast and block out all the noise from the outside world. By isolating yourself from outside distractions, as Gary Leboff teaches players to do with his black box technique, you’ll be able to focus solely on the ball and see an improvement in how you're practicing.

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4. Live Coaching

Unfortunately, we cannot all have legendary golf coach Pete Cowan standing behind us on the range, assessing our swing and giving tips on how to hit the perfect golf shot. Golf coaching is very expensive and many amateur golfers rely on podcasts, YouTube tutorials and online guides to help them play better. That’s where bringing a pair of headphones to the range can benefit you. While it may seem slightly odd having someone chatting on a podcast in your ear while you initiate your backswing, the lessons and tips you may hear on a tutorial or podcast can be put into practice immediately on the range, as opposed to if you were sat at home watching or listening to that video. 

For that reason, plugging in a pair of Bluetooth headphones and listening to a masterclass on how to stop slicing the ball can help you get more out of your practice sessions. If you're working on your swing tempo, you could even listen to a metronome to help get the timing of your backswing and downswing more in sync.

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Bryson Dechambeau wearing headphones

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5. Because the pros do it...

If you’ve ever watched any of the top-level players warm up at a major championship, you’ll know that many of them like to plug in their headphones and zone out with some music while they warm up. While it is fascinating to see these athletes warm-up before a round, they are under an immense level of stress as there is always a lot on the line at these tournaments. Plugging in some music and focusing on their round goes a massive way in taking that edge off, removing many of the distractions around them at the tournament and helping them to get in the groove before their tee time.

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What headphones should golfers use?

That comes down to what sort of headphones you are most comfortable using and the type of headphones that are in your budget. Golfers should avoid buying wired headphones as the cable can catch in your swing. You should also buy a pair of headphones that clasps around the ear, so there is less chance of the earbuds falling off when you play a big shot. 

Can golfers wear headphones while playing 18 holes?

In theory yes but check with the pro shop before you head out because wearing headphones, especially noise cancelling ones, might mean you're not able to hear shouts of 'Fore' or other warnings and therefore be in violation of health and safety rules. We advise against wearing headphones during a competition as you may be accused of cheating or obtaining coaching tips during your round. If you are ever in doubt, check with the club or competition you are playing at to see their rules on wearing headphones during play. 

What should you think about when buying a pair of headphones for golf?

There are several things to consider when buying a new pair of headphones for golf. You should think about the battery life and how quickly they can be charged up. Golfers should buy a pair of headphones that fits in their ear and doesn't fall out when they swing. Waterproof headphones are a must also and players could also use an over-ear pair of headphones as well as a pair of air buds. 

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