I want you to learn the Black Box Recorder for yourself. The entire exercise takes 10 minutes at most. With practice, you can use it on the course between shots. The Black Box Recorder places distractions in a “safe” place within the subconscious, calming irritations and allowing peak performance to return. Think of something or someone that gets on your nerves, read through the instructions and give it a go. Imagine you are sitting in your favourite chair. Feel how comfortable it is against your back and legs. Allow yourself to be completely supported. You realise that you are in a room looking out at your favourite view. It might be a beach or a mountain range. Make it somewhere you love and know really well.

Back in the room, you see a desk in front of you. On the desk is a sheet of paper and a pen. Pick up the pen. Feel the weight of the pen in your hand. Now describe your distraction on the sheet of paper  (eg “my 100th goal”). Write as much or as little as you like in your own handwriting. Once you have finished, put down the pen and fold the sheet of paper in half.

Turning around, you notice a black box behind you. The box has a slot for posting notes through. Take your note and post it into the slot in the black box. Turn back around and enjoy that wonderful view for a few more seconds.

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