Get Sky Sports with this amazing Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Bundle

The best phone deal we have seen with Sky Sports as a gift

Get Sky Sports with this amazing Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Bundle

This deal for the awesome Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is great on its own, but when bundled with a generous gift it is even better

Get Sky Sports with this amazing Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Bundle

Need a new mobile? This deal for the awesome Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal for a smartphone we have seen so far thanks to it being bundled with a generous gift.

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For just £41 per month and no upfront cost you get Samsung’s best phone with 8GB data allowance and unlimited calls and texts.

Where the real savings come in though is that you get to choose to bundle 24 months of either Now TV, Sky Sports or Spotify into the bargain!

The total 24-month cost of £984 is slashed to £816 if you already pay for Now TV (£6.99 a month) or just £744 if you opt for Spotify (£9.99 a month).

Sky Sports on your Android or Apple devices costs £4.99 a month, so this offers the least saving of the offers, however it still brings the total cost down to £864.

Even the lowest-value bundle on the Galaxy Note 8 deal means that you’ll be essentially getting your 24-month contract for free, since the phone costs £869.99 to buy outright. Choose Spotify and you’re getting incredible value for money.

There’s a second, similar Galaxy Note 8 deal from O2. This offers the same choice of gifts, but the monthly cost is higher. At £51 a month you’ll end up paying £1224 over the course of two years, but you’ll be getting a whopping 30GB of 4G data to use every single month. If you use a lot of mobile data then this is the deal to go for.

The Galaxy Note 8 is Samsung’s latest flagship phone and comes with a stunning 6.3-inch screen, two brilliant rear cameras and a digitiser stylus that lets you scribble notes and draw with ease. The latter feature is what really sets it apart from the best of the rest.

These deals are, by some way, the best we’ve seen on what is arguably the most advanced phone on the planet at this moment. And if you get to watch the golf on Sky Sports as well… then happy days!

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