Full Swing Golf Simulator

The Full Swing Golf Simulator experience has been chosen for our Editor's Choice List in 2021.


The Full Swing Golf Simulator has been chosen for our Editor's Choice List in 2021.

Full Swing Golf Simulator 

Launched in the UK this year, Full Swing Golf offers the ultimate package for those looking for the absolute best in home golf simulators.

Full Swing Golf Simulator

Its patented dual sensor technology uses an overhead ION3 camera with line tracking infrared sensors to immediately show your ball flight on the screen for the most incredibly realistic practising experience.

You see accurate trajectories on the screen in real time with no delay and after every shot, a replay of the overhead views shows you your strike and club path from an angle most golfers never see.

Whether playing a course like TPC Sawgrass or crunching the numbers on the range, the realism and feedback is second to none, and the information you gain on your game and technique is invaluable. There are 18 PGA Tour courses included, all mapped using drone flyovers and topography charts for the most accurate and realistic experience, with many more to come soon.

The official simulator of the PGA Tour comes in a variety of options from standard size right up to a 16-foot widescreen Pro series, the company’s pinnacle offering used by Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth and Jon Rahm amongst many other top players.

There’s also the Full Swing Sport Series, exclusively used by the Golf Channel, which offers the same ION3 camera and high-speed line scan tracking at a slightly more affordable price.

Something For Everyone

The Showdown feature offers a variety of golf skills challenges, so you can hone different areas of your game under pressure to make your practice more effective.

Full Swing Golf also offers a multi-sport package that includes football, rugby and cricket, along with mini-games such as zombie dodgeball, so your golf simulator can be used by the whole family. It can also be easily converted to watch your favourite films, the big match or for use with a games console.

There’s no question that Full Swing Golf has elevated the simulator user experience and while the premium price tag reflects that, it’s well worth trying it out.

You can experience Full Swing Golf for yourself at its demo site at Silvermere Golf and Leisure in Surrey.

Full Swing Golf Simulator

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