The innovative design from Evnroll has made it into our Editor's Choice List for 2021.

Evnroll ER5v Midlock Putter

‘Armlock made easy’, says the tag. This is a fascinating concept and it comes from putter design expert Guerin Rife.

The Midlock Grip works like this; it features a patented grip design which has the deepest pistol dimension allowed by the USGA. It positions the grip sideways which pushes the shaft angle away from the mid forearm.

This reduces the typical nine degrees of loft to just four which is similar to a simple forward press. And this then leads to a set-up which should encourage an effortless one-piece putting stroke with no moving parts, eliminating all unwanted wrist movement.

Evnroll ER5v Midlock Putter

Consistent By Design

So there’s no need for any special shafts or heavy head weights and it straightaway solves the key problem of too much shaft lean, and the likelihood of a pulled putt, and the need for an exaggerated forward press. Rife, interestingly, has been working on this concept for two and a half years.

And, along with the long slant hosel, the putter is set in that forward press position with the right amount of loft.

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Spoilt For Choice

As for the head there are six new shapes in the V-Series range, V standing for versatile in the four hosels. Evnroll believes that we can all improve our putting significantly by simply having a putter with the correct hosel design.

The ER5V here is a winged mallet design with a hatched out middle section. And with the Midlock Grip – to get the correct length you simply add six inches eg 34” = 40 – there are four options available.

If you’ve not tried an Armlock-style putter before, we think this putter could provide the Eureka moment you’re after if you struggle with inconsistency on the greens.

Evnroll ER5v Midlock Putter