The Zoom Focus Tour Laser Rangefinder is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list in 2021.

Zoom Focus Tour Laser Rangefinder

Zoom is a brand that is making big strides in the laser rangefinder category, and in the Focus Tour, you have one of the most cutting-edge models on the market.

Zoom Focus Tour Laser Rangefinder

It’s the follow up to the Focus X, and there’s plenty to like about the new flagship device. 

Giving The ‘Real’ Distance

There are a number of features that stand out, the first of which is Slope functionality.

Selecting the right club is not always an easy task when you have to take into account changes in elevation, but this feature, which can be easily switched off during tournament play, can dramatically improve your approach play and proximity to the hole by giving you the ‘real’ length of shot.

This laser can also prove a huge help off the tee, especially given the wide field of view at 7.5 degrees, which assists in picking out hazards, including those you may not otherwise have spotted. In short, it gives you a better chance of staying clear of danger and shooting lower scores. 

We were also impressed with how quickly the Focus Tour found the target, which is an area where some lasers haven’t always performed.

In less than half a second, a vibration confirms that the target is acquired – that number is crystal clear in the display, and you’re ready to fire away. 

Elegant Design

It’s one thing having the clever technology, it’s another putting it together in a user-friendly and stylish package – but the Zoom Focus Tour also passes this test with flying colours.

The premium look won’t save you shots like its features can, but it does add to its appeal.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, it sits perfectly in the hand, and its weighted nicely so the user can lock in on a target without being affected by any wind.

Zoom Focus Tour Laser Rangefinder