The Penguin Floral Print Polo Shirt has been chosen for our Editor's Choice List in 2021.

Original Penguin Floral Print Polo Shirt

Original Penguin may be a relatively unknown golf apparel brand compared to some others, but it has been making outstandingly cool and high-quality golf shirts in particular for decades now.

The brand became a staple among the masters of suburban leisure in the 1980’s with iconic people like Arnold Palmer, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Clint Eastwood all wearing Penguin clothing.

Original Penguin Floral Print Polo Shirt

Bridging The Divide

At the time and in its present day creations, Penguin has managed to bridge the divide between golf course apparel and casual leisurewear so that people can move seamlessly from the golf course, to the clubhouse, to away from the game of golf too.

Take this Floral Conversational Print Polo for example, which is part of Penguin’s fashionable and stylish range of apparel, and looks to incorporate new and technologically advanced fabrics.

Augusta Inspired

It is inspired by the famous Azalea flower of Augusta National which is of course where Penguin player Cameron Smith pushed Dustin Johnson so close at the 2020 Masters.

The pink flowers combine with fun prints of golf balls, bags and golf carts to give a very unique and yet stylish aesthetic.

Performance is not just limited in a cosmetic sense though because it is made from a lightweight, four-way stretch, breathable material for all-day comfort.

This shirt’s material also has an eye on the environment too because it is part of Penguin’s Re-Originals collection, made from a combination of polyester, elastane, and recycled polyester, all with the objective of producing more sustainable products from recyclable materials.

A growing name in the world of golf apparel, Original Penguin and its products perform at a high level whilst also letting you show off your personality and individualism. This Augusta homage is a case in point because it unquestionably lets you be an original without compromise.

Original Penguin Floral Print Polo Shirt