The Perfect Practice Perfect Putting Mat has been chosen for our Editor's Choice List in 2021.

Perfect Practice Perfect Putting Mat

Let’s face it – a spot of home putting practice is all many of us have been able to do for several months over the last year. This well-designed mat from Perfect Practice is as good as any home putting station we’ve seen or tested.

Perfect Practice Perfect Putting Mat

You will need nice flat floors and a decent amount of space as the standard model is 9ft 6in long and the compact edition only 18in shorter. For those with acres of floor space, there’s even a 15ft 6in XL version so you can venture into the realms of mid-range putts.

There are many things to admire, not least the ease of assembly, the quality of the materials and the reliable wooden chute that returns your putts, saving you many steps in a long practice session.

Hone Your Stroke

The mat runs at a decent pace and features a raised end with two different-sized holes – one standard, the other a little smaller. Printed on the mat are lots of clear lines and checkpoints so you can analyse and hone your stroke and check out your start lines and alignment.

If you’ve never thought much about your putting stroke, the lines will quickly tell you if it has a fair amount of arc or more of a straight-back-and-through motion.

We gravitated towards the smaller hole, which will hopefully make the task seem much easier back out on the course. And although the raised end is something you won’t encounter on the golf course, we found it really encouraged a more positive stroke.

We tested it on two different surfaces (carpet and a tiled kitchen floor) and found it worked just as well on both. So, if you’ve got the space, and could do with a bit of work on your putting stroke, the Perfect Practice Putting Mat is highly recommended.

Perfect Practice Perfect Putting Mat