Peter Uihlein Short Game Lessons: Chip and Run

This shot is all about picking the right club from a position like this. In this scenario you’re going to be trying to bounce it into the hill so you need to be striking the shot a little bit harder, so the ball can get through the grass and go on to roll out towards the flag. So I have chosen a 7 iron for this shot. From here, its all about picking the right landing spot at the foot of the hill. Try to select a flat area to land the ball on as this makes the bounce more predictable.

So at address you’re going to have a narrower stance than for a normal chip shot, probably narrower than with the putter, and your upper body should be a little more over the ball than usual. This means the shaft of the 7-iron will be more upright than for a normal shot to help you with the pendulum motion of the stroke. Don’t forget that a good, smooth rhythm is important for good distance control throughout the short game and this set up position will help you find that.

Peter’s Short Game Lessons

The 40-yard pitch
Flop shot
Splash shot
Long splash shot

Place the ball back in your stance, and set your weight 60-40 on your left side, this will ensure you get a clean strike and that you keep the light down. From here its almost the same motion as with your putter; not a big motion but there’s an arc-ing rotation going back and a little bit more rotation in the follow through to keep the flight and the spin down so you get that ideal hit and release. From there you just have to ensure that you just commit to the shot. That should allow you to be a little bit more consistent around the greens.