Ian Poulter Lob Shot Tips

If you are stuck behind a bunker, hitting a lob shot is your best option, as long as the lie isn’t too bare. If there is a lack of grass beneath the ball and teh ground is hard, the perfect strike is harder to find and it might be more sensible to play a safer shot and settle for your bogey.

The first thing I do in this situation is open the face of my 60 degree wedge so it plays more like 80 degrees.

It’s important when you do twist the top of the shaft towards the right to open the face BEFORE taking your grip. In the correct position the logo on the grip will point to the right of your target. Once you have the club in the right position, then you can place your hands on the club with your usual grip.

To slide the clubface under the ball, producing the ideal high trajectory, allow the club to move on an out-to-in path through the downswing. As you cut across the ball at impact you’ll add loft to the shot as the face will remain open through the impact area.

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It’s important as you do this however, not to lean back in a bid to help the ball into the air. This is a fatal mistake that causes the club to reach the bottom of its arc too early. The results will be fat and thin strikes.

Another important point is that you want the club to accelerate through the ball. But jab at the ball, keep the rhythm nice and smooth. An even pace with a gentle acceleration is what you are looking for and if you can do this you will find a high flight and a soft landing.