Take your hands out of the putting stroke

Use this drill to enable you to see exactly where your shoulders are aiming.

We all feel nervous from time-to-time on the greens. that's why it helps to have a technique to take your hands out of the putting stroke

Putting is a game within a game and ultimately, as you try to score in competition, it becomes a real test of nerve. Of course, to putt well you need the right mindset but you also need a solid putting technique that prevents the small, 'twitchy' muscles in your hands from getting too involved. This is where the yips stem from.

Ideally your hands should respond to the movement of your shoulders as they rock back and forth. This is where the momentum in the stroke comes from and not from a fast, jerky move of the hands. To develop this movement, place a shaft between your chest and arms, then make a normal stroke.

The perfect swing will send the butt of the grip straight up and down (not side to side). Your hands will respond with a piston-like stroke that goes back and forth on a consistent repeatable line.

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This drill will also enable you to see exactly where your shoulders are aiming. This is important as it is all too easy for your shoulders to start to point left in the putting stroke. If you stand over the ball then look up to see your line, your shoulders will naturally open up. This is fine as long as you close them back up when you settle into your address position. However, this is often missed causing players to pull their putts left.

This is equally important when you face breaking putts that can tempt you away from your normal, square set up position.

The best putters in the world are able to take their hands out of the stroke by generating the momentum from their shoulders. Use this drill groove this into your own game and you'll become facr more consisent both with your putterhead control and your pace.

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