Lag Putting

Golf Monthly top 25 coach Andrew Reynolds helps you improve your lag putting

lag putting
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Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Barney puttick offers som top advice for lag putting that will help you avoid 3-putts!

Lag Putting Faults:

You very rarely hole anything from long range

You leave most long putts short of the hole


We don't always hit the ball as close as we would like, and while you would never expect to hole every long-range putt you face, I can say with some certainty that you won't hole any if you never get the ball up to the hole!

Many golfers struggle to get the ball to the hole on longer putts, and this simple practice drill will help improve your distance control from further away. Lay a flag or club down 30 inches behind the hole, then set yourself a target of getting as many 30- to 40-footers to finish between the hole and the flag or club, without touching it.

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If you can regularly get the ball a couple of feet past the hole from longer distance, you'll at least then hole the ones you do get on line and rarely leave yourself much to do on the second putt. Most golfers could easily save a couple of shots or more a round simply by improving their long-range putting.

Stroke rhythm

Rhythm in putting is just as important as in every other area of the game. But whilst your rhythm from tee to green will help you hit straighter shots, on the green it will improve your distance control. Make sure that your stroke has an even length back and through. You should aim to have a gentle acceleration through impact - try to a quick, jerky jab at the ball and certainly do not decelarate through impact.

This will give your stroke a consistency that will deliver reliable results, especially from distance. Use these tips when you practice to avoid three putting and get your scores moving in the right direction.

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