Your hybrid is an important club, especially in the winter. The extra weight behind the ball will help from a host of different lies but should you be thinking of them like irons or fairway woods? What is the right ball position for hybrids? This depends on the lie. Here’s how to approach this crucial part of the game.

The basic principle is that there is no set ball position for hybrids.

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The simple rule is that if the ball is sitting up you can think of it like a fairway wood. Play the ball forward in your stance and set your weight more on your right side. Make sure your posture is as athletic as possible and then make a smooth swing to get the most from the great lie you’ve found. You find a high launch angle, plenty of flight and hopefully plenty of distance as well.

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But your hybrid is designed to be used from a range of lies and if the ball is sitting down, you need to switch to iron mode. Move the ball into the centre of your stance so that your hands are a fraction ahead of the ball – this will help you create more of a downward strike to compress the ball at impact. Your weight should be split more evenly at address too.

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The basic point is that asking what is the right ball position for hybrids? is pointless. There is no set way to approach your hybrid. If it is sitting up, take advantage, set a powerful base and launch it high and long. If it is sitting down, move the ball back in your stance, hit down on it and find that compressed strike that will squeeze the ball out. Practice both of these methods and your hybrid will become one of the most valuable clubs in your golf bag.