How to play the knockdown shot

There are two things that will determine the height of your golf shots: the loft on the club at impact and the speed at which you are swinging. It makes sense that when learning how to play the knockdown shot, these are the two factors to adjust. Obviously, you need to de-loft the club at address and you do that simply by moving the ball back in your stance. With the ball back, your hands will automatically be ahead of the ball and you’ll be strengthening the loft of the club by around 10˚.

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Your swing speed determines how much backspin you create – more backspin equals a higher flight – so you need to swing a little slower. You can do that by pure feel but I prefer to shorten the swing. A three quarter back and through swing will take important backspin off the shot. Just note that as you are looking to take speed out of the swing, you may need to take an extra club to hit your usual distance. Experiment with this on the range – it’s great fun to do and really helpful once you get to the course.

Punch shot tips – control the flight

1 Address keys

Move the ball back in your stance so that your hands are a couple of inches ahead. This will help you create the low initial trajectory you are looking for.

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2 Backswing check

Removing speed from your swing is key to keeping the flight down. Just hit a few half shots with a 7-iron on the range and you’ll see. For a punch, swing back to three quarters your usual length.

3 Flight and balance

Again, make a three quarter length follow through feeling like you are ‘punching’ the ball through the wind. You should be able to hold this finish, maintaining your balance comfortably throughout.