The punch shot is one shot that every golfer, no matter what handicap, needs to learn how to play. Whether you often compete on links courses or not, it pays to be able to control your ball flight whenever the wind blows. I’ve put together a piece on crosswinds already but here are the basic elements you’ll need to understand…

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The process starts with the set up. Firstly move the ball back in your stance – this will ensure you take loft off the club through impact. Now, because you have set the ball back in your stance at address, the clubface will have a tendency to aim a fraction right. So as you set up to the ball you need to aim a little left of target.

Then move your hands right down the grip so that you are almost holding the metal of the club. The reason this is so important is that it’ll help take speed out of the clubhead through impact – speed creates backspin which in turn creates lift. If you can reduce that backspin, you’ll also reduce the height of the shot. So, likewise, during the swing itself, keep the rhythm as smooth as possible. Concentrate on restricting your follow through as this will help you swing a fraction softer than usual, further aiding your chances of keeping the flight down – top coach Clive Tucker explains more about this in his video lesson.

Like any part of the game, it does take time to master but my golf punch shot tips are designed to give you all the knowledge you need to pull off this vitally important shot. If you can develop this shot in practice you’ll be able to control shots in the wind far easier and set up better birdie opportunities more regularly.