Fairway Wood Ball Position Tips

In this video, Rick Shiels offers his fairway wood ball position tips to improve your consistency

Neil Tappin addressing a 3-wood before hitting a tee shot
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If you struggle with your fairway woods, the root cause could be far simpler than you think. For example, if you are trying to play a high draw from an address position that promotes a low fade, the odds of pulling the shot off are slim to none. So, perhaps it's time for a shift in thinking. In the video and article below, Rick Shiels share his top tips on how you can get more performance out of your fairway woods.

Finding the perfect ball position for your swing is half the battle here. Start by asking yourself the following question: are you better with your driver or your irons? The answer should dictate how you approach your fairway woods going forward.

If your driver is more reliable, you should use a very similar address position. Move the ball forward in your stance - not quite as far as you would with the big stick - so it is about four fifths of the way towards the left foot.

From there, tilt your spine away from the target a fraction to help encourage the sweeping motion you are looking for. This should promote the most efficient strike with your fairway woods, especially for those with an in-to-out swing path.

Experiment a little at the driving range until you find a position that feels comfortable and practise grooving this pattern until you are confident you've got this shot in the bag and can rely on it when the time comes.

Alternatively, if you find you're better with an iron in hand, your set-up should reflect that. Move the ball a little further back in your stance - it should still be ahead of centre - and keep your sternum more centred so it feels like it's directly on top of the ball.

Brooks Koepka hitting a fairway wood and taking a divot

Don't be scared to take a small divot when hitting your fairway woods

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You should find this levels out your shoulders, which will encourage more of a descending blow on the ball and may even lead to the odd divot. It's how some of the best players in the world hit a 3-wood off the ground, so don't panic if you find yourself removing some turf.

This technique should produce a lower ball flight and less carry but will be a great go-to shot when under pressure or playing in windy conditions.

Again, and like all things in golf, it's vital to put the practice in, but these general fairway wood ball position tips should serve you well and help you add power, consistency and accuracy to this department of your game.

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