Fairway wood address tips

If you are struggling with your fairway wood game it might be time for a shift in thinking. Start by asking yourself the following question: are you better with your driver or your irons? The answer should dictate how you approach your fairway woods.

Beginners guide to fairway wood play

If your driver is more reliable, you should use a very similar address position. Move the ball forwards in your stance – not quite as far as you would with your driver, I’d say four fifths of the way to the left foot is good. Then tilt your spine away from the target a fraction to help create the sweeping motion you are looking for – this ideally is how to strike your fairway woods. From here, make a normal swing and you should produce a high flight with plenty of carry.

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If your irons are more reliable, move the ball slightly further back in your stance so that your hands are directly above the ball at address. Your shoulders will be more level and you’ll create a steeper angle of attack into the ball (don’t be afraid to take a small divot, that’s fine!). The ball flight here will be slightly lower and you’ll get much more roll after landing.

Don’t be afraid to experiment – these fairway wood address tips could transform your game adding power, consistency and accuracy to your wood play.

1 Driver Address

Move the ball four fifths forward in your stance and tilt your shoulders so your spine is angled away from the target.

2 Iron Address

Move the ball more towards the middle of your stance – your shoulders should be closer to parallel to the ground and your hands will be directly above the ball at address.

3 Angle of attack

With the iron approach your angle of attack into the ball will be steeper producing a divot through impact and a lower flight.