How To Stop Pushing Iron Shots

In the video above, Nick Drane, PGA Professional and Master Fitting Specialist at the Titleist Performance Centre, Woburn, demonstrates how to stop pushing iron shots.

If you’re struggling with a push, be sure to watch the video and you’ll learn how a few simple changes to your set-up can get rid of this frustrating shot.

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How To Stop Pushing Iron Shots

The fundamentals within your set-up are going to help you deliver the club in the correct fashion, and therefore hit the golf ball in the right direction.

A lot of the time, I witness an incorrect set-up – and this is a good place to start.

Ball Position

For me, so far as the push is concerned, this is normally the main cause.

So, what I tend to see with ‘pushers’ is the ball too far back in the stance, which causes the club to swing out to the right (as per below).

How To Stop Pushing Iron Shots

The club face will be open, so the ball starts right of target and stays right.

Note how my shoulders are aligned a long way to the right of my target.

How To Stop Pushing Iron Shots

However, when I get the ball just left of middle, which is just where I want it, my shoulders are aligned and I can go ahead and hit my shot at the pin.

How To Stop Pushing Iron Shots

With the ball positioned just left of centre, you’ll find that as you come into the ball, the club is swinging more towards the target with the clubface more square to your path.

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How To Check Your Fundamentals

Nick Drane

So, be sure to regularly check the basics.

Ian Poulter is big on checking the fundamentals, as many professionals are, and it’s not unusual to see him on the range with a couple of alignment sticks.

This is a simple exercise to help you keep an eye on those fundamentals.

Pop one alignment stick parallel to your feet, and the other one relative to your ball position.

Watch the video above and you’ll see how I piece this all together – no pushing!

My golf swing isn’t going to change, but I’ve made sure that my fundamentals are correct.