Having had the chance to take on this Robert Karlsson golf swing analysis, it is clear to see that excellence at address is the bedrock of a great ball striker. Here’s why…

For all players, achieving these angles is a must, and I always feel that for taller players (at 6 ft 6in they don’t come much taller than Robert) this presents more of a challenge as there is more to assemble.

The first point to make is that his hips are in perfect alignment underneath the shoulders. This might sound relatively simple and straight forward but remember that when we talk about alignment we aren’t just referring to the feet and clubface. Your body needs to be in position as well, and Robert Karlsson is perfectly set here. If you can get this element right you’ll be much more likely to hit straight golf shots.

What’s more his spine angle is as good as I have seen, no question of any slouching here which I find is a common problem amongst all amateur players, but especially taller ones. The tendency to let your shoulders hunch over is one to avoid as it’s likely to knock your swing off line and upset the athleticism of your motion.

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These angles allow Robert Karlsson to make a smooth backswing and indeed his transition back to the ball is equally unhurried.

I encourage my students to aspire to this impact position where the back of the left wrist is flat and the shaft leaning forward slightly (you can see this from the square on camera position). This is where top ball striking comes from. When you watch the accompanying video, you can really hear the ball being compressed away.

This Robert Karlsson golf swing analysis is an example for any player, especially taller golfers, of how some care and attention at address can pay huge rewards.