Last season we watched Rickie Fowler make the move from up and coming player, into a major contender. I feel the work he has done with Butch Harmon has ironed out the quirks and from my Rickie Fowler golf swing analysis I can clearly see where his improved consistency has come from.

Previously Rickie had to rely greatly on timing and his exceptional hand eye coordination, the movement now however is easier to repeat under pressure, whilst still retaining his Cavalier style of golf which is so exciting to watch.

In the address he is slightly taller than before, and the first move into the backswing is now very orthodox, with the club spot on plane. He had a noticeable drag of the club to the inside and then would require a compensating move to get back on the correct swing path. By simplifying the move, he should be on plane more consistently.

Rickie is clearly a very supple man, and I love this coiled position at the top of his backswing with the shoulders fully turned. As he begins the journey back to the ball we see the other big change as the club is now more on plane here too. Previously the club could on occasions get stuck behind him on the way down which lead to a few blocked and hooked shots.

Now he looks to fade the ball which helps to widen the through swing, and is giving his shots less shape, as  the club is working for longer on the target line through impact.

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At five foot 9 inches and under 11 stone, Rickie Fowler is proof that you don’t have to be huge to hit the ball a long way and with his driver he regularly generates 115 mph swing speed. Blessed with a terrific temperament for golf and a stylish persona, Rickie Fowler is a breath of fresh air for golf and I would look for him to convert those near misses in the majors into wins sooner rather than later.