Lee Westwood Swing tips: Posture

Again, a good posture is vital. This is about giving yourself the best possible chance of making a powerful swing that keeps the club working on a good path. If your posture is lazy or stiff, you’ll struggle to move in the right way for both accuracy and power. It is one of those fundamentals that all good players have in common so do not ignore your posture. it lies at the heart of good ball striking with every golf club in the bag.

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Retaining Posture

We have already offered a great drill to set your weight over your laces at address and this also ensures you find yourself in a good posture. Your back should be straight, your chin up and your hands should hang naturally underneath your shoulders. You also want to feel athletic, dynamic as if you are about to make a powerful movement. This is good posture that will help you to get the club working on a good path throughout the golf swing.

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However, having set the right spine angle, it is essential that you retain it during the swing. This is about creating as economical a movement as possible that does not require any changes in height to find a good strike. If you can keep your posture the same from address, to the top of the backswing and then through to impact, you should find the consistency of your ball striking improves. Concentrate on keeping your head at the same height – it’s a great thing to focus on that will really help the quality of your ball striking.