What does being laid off mean in golf?

This month’s slice of golfing terminology to explain is the phrase ‘laid off’. It is something golf coaches and commentators often say but what does being laid off mean in golf? Well, a laid off position refers to when the club points along way left of the target at the top of the backswing. The club is underneath the ideal plane and from here, the player often finds it hard to consistently square the face at impact.Any number of bad shots can happen from here.

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One golfer that makes this move work is Matt Kucher. His backswing is very flat and he is certainly ‘laid off’ at the top. However, he is able to swing the club back down on the same plane and is remarkably consistent. Be warned however, this is hard to do and the repetitions he’s made over the years have allowed him to master this technique.

Fix your slice

More likely if you recognise this position in your own swing, is that you come over the top on the way down – swinging the club from outside to inside the ball-to-target line through impact causing a slice or a pull. If that’s a familiar shot shape for you, there are some simple pointers that could help.

A great idea is to try to keep the club moving directly away from the ball as you take it back (try not to snatch it away on the inside). As you reach the top of the backswing this should help you get your hands higher. This will give you much more room to drop the club down into the ideal delivery position in the downswing, creating lag for extra power as well as accuracy.