what is dynamic balance in golf

Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Paul Foston asks what is dynamic balance in golf and why does it matter. His simple video explains perfectly how to use your weight in the golf swing.

What is dynamic balance in golf? This term, often used by commentators and coaches refers to the way in which you use your weight through the golf swing. As you are looking to make an athletic motion with good body rotation, it makes sense that your balance point will change during the swing. Generally speaking, with a 7-iron in hand you want your weight split evenly at address and then for 80% of your weight to shift into your right side by the time your reach the top of the backswing. From there you then shift back towards the target so that in the finish 80% is on your left side. Weight distribution in the golf swing is a fundamental of good golf.

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The same principles apply in all sports – even in throwing a ball where your weight moves towards the target as you release. Where people often go wrong in golf is when they get fixated on keeping their head down - it's usually a piece of advice that passed from one amateur to another. This can prevent the flow, or dynamic balance, that is so important. Your head can move right and then left a fraction to help you rotate and then unwind. What you must avoid is for your head to lift or dip – this will have a detrimental affect on your ball striking. Once your posture is set at address you should be looking to maintain it but crucially, this should NEVER stop you from moving your weight right and left as you swing the club. Of course, good dynamic balance means that you should be able to hold your finish until the ball lands. Try exaggerating the correct weight shift and if your weight goes in the wrong direction, it will feel very strange indeed!