Cobra King F6+ driver review

Cobra’s driver offerings in 2016 are both cutting edge and comprehensive, with three models boasting different technologies to help all abilities of players achieve maximum distance.

In addition to the premium King LTD model comes the King F6 and F6+ drivers. The King F6 features a titanium crown and a similar weighting system to the Flip Zone found on the previous Fly-Z+ driver.

However, the new King F6+ driver is Cobra’s most adjustable driver in the range and features a carbon fibre crown, saving enough weight for Cobra to implement a ‘carbontrac’ on the sole. This houses an 18-gram sliding weight which can be fixed in five (nine if you include the notches in between) positions to alter both launch and spin. The Smart Pad on the sole ensures the face stays square and flush, regardless of the loft setting you choose on the hosel, another redeeming feature.

Down by the ball, the F6+ driver has a confidence inspiring look with lots of loft on show and a round head shape that appears long from front to back. It comes in three colours – black, white and blue – and all create a premium and stylish aesthetic and all with a black face. This contrast with the blue and white crown highlights the face angle more prominently, while alignment with the black-crowned option is more tricky.

The Cobra F6+ driver instantly feels lightweight to swing, helped by the 65g stock Matrix Ozik Black Tie 65M4 shaft. The sound at impact is a touch tinny but isn’t too loud and contributes to a very solid, explosive feel at the point of contact.

The ball flight is mid-to-high, aided by the high launch and low spin created by the ultra low CG position within the clubhead. In spite of this, there was enough forgiveness on offer from slight mishits. Very bad swings lost significant yardage, but this was no more a problem than with most other drivers on the market.

Cobra F6+ driver, sliding weight forwardCobra King F6+ driver, sliding weight forward

Testing on our SkyTrak launch monitor showed that the two extremes of the weight position changed backspin by around 300rpm, although Cobra say some golfers will experience up to 500rpm spin differentiation from front to back. The front position also achieved the longest carries and total distance.

Cobra F6+ driver, sliding weight backCobra King F6+ driver, sliding weight back

Due to the high launching and low spin nature of the head, faster swingers are likely to achive good numbers from all positions of the sliding weight. Moving the weight forward will not only reduce spin further but also increase the fade bias of the head, which many better players will appreciate.

Many will also favour the lower loft options of the F6+ pro model, which has the same clubhead design but with lower loft options and some additional fade settings instead of draw available on the MyFly hosel.