Cheap Vs Expensive Golf Balls Test

A dozen golf balls can now cost in the region of £50, while some are available for as cheap as £5.

But, with that huge price gap, does that mean the cheaper golf balls provide a much poorer performance?

In the video above, Neil Tappin compared two of the cheapest golf balls he could find with the 2019 Srixon Z-Star XV.

The two cheaper golf balls that he used were the Slazenger V100, that cost £6.50 per dozen, and the Inesis Distance 100, that cost £4.99 per dozen.

To find out the difference between the golf balls, he firstly tested them on the launch monitor in a simulator, with shots with each ball from 50 yards, with a 7-iron and with a driver.

Then, to examine the performance even further, he had one shot with each ball on the golf course with a shot from 165 yards, while also judging the difference in feel on and around the greens.

From the results, he was pleasantly surprised at how well the cheaper golf balls performed.

The Inesis especially, the cheapest golf ball, produced quite similar numbers to the Srixon Z-Star XV.

Almost everyone expects the more expensive golf balls to increase distance, ball speed and feel, but is that really the case?

Neil Tappin explained that he feels the biggest difference comes around the greens.

“I hit a whole host of chip shots, bunker shots and putts with all three of these golf balls.

It was during this phase of the testing that the difference between them was most noticeable.

You just don’t get that same level of spin control when you chip and when you hit bunker shots, and the feel off the putter just isn’t as good.

With a urethane covered golf ball like the Srixon Z-Star XV you get a really silky, soft feel through impact and you get that level of spin control when you chip and hit bunker shots.

That means you can really commit to your short game shots, you can deliver a little bit more clubhead speed into the ball and you just know that you’re not going to lose control of the ball.

That’s not necessarily the case with these two distance golf balls.

Does that make a huge difference to your scoring potential out on the golf course, that extra level and feel around the greens?

In my game, I use a urethane premium covered golf ball and I think it does offer enough performance, particularly around the greens, to help me play better golf.”

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