Big Max Ti Lite Trolley And Dri Lite Bags Review

In this video, Neil Tappin tests out Big Max Golf's new trolley and bags

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In this video, Neil Tappin tests out Big Max Golf's new trolley and bags

Big Max Ti Lite Trolley And Dri Lite Bags Review

Watch the video above for our full review of Big Max's new Ti Lite Trolley and Dri Lite Bags.

The trolley features ultra-lightweight performance, coming in at just 5.4kg and comes with a really simple folding mechanism, plus a five year warranty.

Both bags offer very high levels of water resistance for when you're playing in changeable conditions or, frankly, when it is tipping it down.

The Dri Lite Sport is a pure trolley bag whereas the Dri Lite Hybrid is designed to be used as a versatile carry bag that you can also put on a trolley as well.

Dri Lite Sport Bag

The pockets and the material is all 100% waterproof and it's great that it provides the confidence you need that whenever you get caught out by heavy showers that this bag will protect everything that's inside it.

We poured water over it and it simply beaded off, so it passed that test!

It has nine waterproof pockets in total so there's plenty of great storage but it only comes in at 2.2kg so it shoudn't get too heavy if you do want to take a lot of stuff out with you to the golf course.

The bag comes with a 14-way divider to keep your clubs apart and an oversized putter well at the top provides easy access to your putter. We really liked that.

It also has a huge cooler pocket to keep your drinks and snacks nice and cold, and we found that all of the pockets are very spacious.

The base is also designed to fit flush on the Big Max Ti Lite trolley to keep it secure whilst you're playing.

It has sleek, sporty look to it and we think it looks great.

Ti Lite Trolley

The key talking point here is just how lightweight it is, coming in at just 5.4kg.

As soon as we put our bag on the trolley we noticed how light it was, and it really does take little effort to push it round the golf course, even when we had quite a lot of things in the pockets.

It comes with a straight central axel linking the two big wheels, which should provide a bit more stability and help it last longer.

The central storage unit on the trolley comes in very handy with lots of space for items you'll need quick access to.

We also loved the foot brake, it worked perfectly well keeping the trolley in place whilst on uneven ground.

You can set the height of the central console and handle to your preferred height using a clip, and that clip also works to fold the trolley down.

It folds down very easily and also very small.

To sum up, Big Max have created a very user-friendly trolley that works well on the course but also folds down easily and small.

Thumbs up from us.

Dri Lite Hybrid Bag

This has been designed for those golfers who sometimes want to carry and sometimes want to use a trolley, and just want one bag to do both jobs.

Stand bags can sometimes be annoying to place perfectly on a trolley and that is something that Big Max has thought about with the Dri Lite Hybrid.

The trolley-compatible Hybrid Stand sits a little bit lower and allows the bag to be placed flush at the top of the trolley.

The bottom of the bag also sits flush on the trolley too so it should stay just as secure as the trolley bag would do.

However, saying that, it still works perfectly as a stand bag with great padding on the straps and an an Airtec Air Channel to ensure your back doesn't get too sweaty when it's a hot day.

At 2.2kg it's supremely light but having said that, there's great storage space with numerous pockets including a full-length space to store things like waterproofs and jumpers, a valuables pocket and a cooler pocket.

There's also the usual pockets you'd expect to store things like balls, tees and gloves.

Regardless of whether you want to use it with a trolley or carry it, the Dri Lite Hybrid meets both needs really well.

Watch the video above for our full review

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