Weight shift drill

Fault: – You struggle for distance off the tee

-You often hit a slice

Fix: I often hear golfers offer advice to a playing partner saying ‘keep your head down’. However, this thought often leads to mistakes. There are very few golfers who I have ever met who suffer with lifting their heads through impact. This is often sighted as the problem when actually fault is that the player is losing their posture, lifting up through the ball and coming out of the shot.

If you consciously try to keep your head down, you are likely to get hunched at address and then get your weight stuck on the front foot in the backswing. From here, the only way to deliver a good strike is to lean back – this is called a reverse pivot. Here’s a drill I’ve devised that will really help you.

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Place three allignment sticks in the ground – the middle one pointing at your sternum and the other two either side.

These represent where your weight should move to during the backswing and follow-through. At the top of the backswing your weight should be over your right side and then in the finish position your weight should be over your left side. These alignment sticks represent where your weight should be at three crucial points – address, top of backswing and finish position. Crucially, you need to keep your spine angle constant as you swing back and through. If you can do this you’ll hit longer, straighter drives.