Ryan Fox Golf  Swing Sequence

Three consecutive strong finishes from Fox in France, Ireland and Scotland have caught our eye this year, and this powerfully built Kiwi, whose father was an All Black, definitely sets up to the driver with positive intent!

The powerful New Zealander ranks second only to Rory on the European Tour for driving distance

He’s got a pretty strong grip and I like the way he hovers the driver at address. This can make the move away from the ball a little smoother – you need a little tension to create the hover, so don’t then have to factor that in as you raise the club to start your takeaway.

It’s a very wide takeaway too, very much like Tiger Woods in his heyday. It’s also wide the other way, with the clubhead well outside his hands.

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The big talking point is the top of the backswing position, but bear in mind that his spine angle is still exactly the same here as in pictures one and two. It’s not actually an overswing but rather a little idiosyncrasy where his left arm tends to bend, and there’s still a big gap between shaft and shoulder at this point.

Check out the difference between shoulder turn and hip turn too. It’s massive, which explains his power (he ranks 2nd only to Rory in the driving distance stats). The classic equation here would be 90˚ shoulders and 45˚ hips, but I’m guessing he’s under 45˚ with his hips while his shoulders have comfortably turned more than 100˚.

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From here, there’s a parallel with John Daly as he drops the club down on the inside, getting it in the slot to really fire it down the line before pouring on the power at the bottom. I love his impact position too.

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He really maintains the gap between his knees in picture four, while still clearing the hips superbly. There’s no question of a spin out here despite shifting the club at an impressive rate of knots. The next picture showing his left arm and the shaft in a straight line just after impact is terrific too.

He’s not just a long drive guy either. He’s well above 70% for greens in regulation too. These photos show there’s more than one way to swing a club if the key elements are where they need to be. Keep an eye out for Mr Fox – he has all the attributes required to win on tour.